• Jessica Clark, Media Consultant

    Jessica Clark, Media Consultant

    Developed Wordpress website with custom design

  • NY Architects

    NY Architects

    Designed and handcoded website

  • Benjamin Barber website

    Benjamin Barber website

    Wordpress customization and design

  • Dot Connector Studio

    Dot Connector Studio

    Designed logo and identity; customized Wordpress site

  • Monkeywire


    Created website and email news list

  • Matador Records

    Matador Records

    Former Director of Advertising & Multimedia, six years

  • Kuby & Perez

    Kuby & Perez

    Designed website for NYC law firm.

  • David Byrne – Journal

    David Byrne – Journal

    Modified pre-existing web design for Typepad

  • Ray Beldner, artist

    Ray Beldner, artist

    Redesigned and hand-coded website for San Francisco-based artist

  • Good Dog Foundation

    Good Dog Foundation

    Designed and programmed website

  • Metropolis


    Developed web template for converting monthly print magazine

  • Robbie Dawg Organic Dog Biscuits

    Robbie Dawg Organic Dog Biscuits

    Created website, logo, and identity for small business

  • Argington


    Designed and coded company’s first website

  • Illegal Art Exhibit

    Illegal Art Exhibit

    Founded, produced, and designed multimedia travelling exhibit

  • Berkeley Carroll School

    Berkeley Carroll School

    Edited and helped design website

  • Monk’s Trunk

    Monk’s Trunk

    Designed logo and created website